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Glyvet is a systemic non-selective and post emergent herbicide. Its result is normally observed in 12-14 days from date of application. It gives a long lasting control on grasses, broad-leafed weeds, sedges and woody species in crop land, factories, plantations and non-crop areas. 

Glyvet is best used on fast growing weeds, or weeds with the tendency of actively translocating nutrients into the root, rhizones, bulbs etc. To maintain a long lasting weed control repeated application would be necessary. Glyvet has no pre-emergent activity. It is highly effective against annual, biennial and perennial weeds.

Usage: Mix the required glyvet in water for uniform coverage. Water requirement ranges as shown in the dosage table.

Paratex2 copy.jpg

Paratex is a non-selective contact herbicide effective against broad leaved weeds and grasses.


Application: Paratex is applied using, Knapsack, Tractor mounted sprayer or aerial spray. For Knapsack and tractor mounted sprays, use 200-300 liters of water per hectare. For aerial sprays, use 50 liters of water per hectare.

Butatex1 copy.jpg

Butatex is an effective selective, systemic, pre-emergence herbicide for the control of weeds in Direct-seeded Rice, Transplanted Rice, Groundnuts, Cowpeas, Soybeans, Cotton, Sesame, Melons and Carrots. It should be applied on planted field when the moisture content of the soil is high, preferably after rainfall.


Mixing: Add the required quantity of Butatex to half the required clean water in the spray tank, mix well and then add the remaining water to form the required solution. Spray immediately.


Do not use less than the recommended quantity of Butatexas this may reduce efficacy

Amitex2 copy.jpg

Amitex is used for the control of many broadleaf weeds and woody plants. It is an excellent pre and post emergence weed control chemical in crops such as Rice, Maize, Sugarcane, Banana, Millet, Wheat, Sorghum and Palm. It is also used in non-crop areas for the control of animal and aquatic broadleaf weeds.


Dilute the required quantity of Amitex in a small volume of water. After mixing them, add the remaining volume of water to the desired solution.

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